Using World-leading Technology to Protect You
Now and Always
Combining Heart and Science to Ensure Your Safety

In response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeping around the globe, AWE is striving to go the extra mile to pioneer best practices for the industry.
The safety and health of our guests and staff members has always been our absolute priority. In addition to the standard provision of temperature checking and hand sanitiser stations at all admission points, AWE is now introducing additional measures to ensure exceptional standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the venue.
To implement these protective measures and hygiene protocols in a rigorously tested, scientific and long-term manner, AWE is the first MICE venue in Hong Kong to proactively partner with BioEm, a professional company specialising in disinfection and sanitisation.
Protecting Every Aspect of the Event Experience
To apply best-of-breed solutions tailored specifically to our facilities, users and environment, AWE has adopted a variety of innovative patented technologies so as to achieve the highest levels of disinfection efficiency in different scenarios. The first of these, Aegis Intelligence, is a cutting-edge solution for sterilising frequently-touched surfaces using a physical puncture and photocatalyst mechanism. Meanwhile, BioEm Air is a sanitising and purifying solution that is renowned for its disinfection efficacy using natural botanical extracts, making it ideal for crowded places, as well as staff working areas.
“CLeanTech” Admission for
Extra Peace of Mind

AWE has also introduced the world’s first "CLeanTech" disinfection installation, an innovative three-in-one device that combines a suite of disinfection technologies including BioEm Air sanitising and purifying expertise, Aegis Intelligence, and negative room pressure design. Subject to organisers’ needs and each event’s scale, AWE can deploy the device at major trade exhibitions and conventions, with visitors passing through the device prior to entering the event halls.
The device not only detects each patron’s body temperature as they approach, it also uses the latest technology to kill up to 99.99% of viruses and 100% of bacteria in just 12 seconds combining the use of Aegis Intelligence and BioEm Air, which are able to decompose harmful particles on garments and belongings. Patrons passing through the CLeanTech device can have full confidence that they are in a hygienic environment all day long.
Making Touch Points Virus-free All Year Round
These widely tested and award-winning products are also being applied to AWE’s frontline staff uniforms, restaurant chairs and tablecloths. High risk areas such as escalator handrails, lift keypads and door handles likewise feature an anti-viral coating that keeps functioning for 12 months. These safeguards help protect our frontline staff and reduce the need for frequent manual work, while reducing reliance on traditional sanitiser which is now in high demand worldwide.
The Same Impeccable Standards for Everyone
In addition to public areas, all organisers’ offices and AsiaWorld-Expo Management offices will also be sanitised to ensure the health of all parties.